We believe that our success depends on the sustainable development of our business and our commitment to employees who work with us, community in which we operate and the environment we are part of.

To reinforce our commitment to sustainable development, we organized varies activities and have been accredited under the Caring Company Scheme since 2017, promoting corporate social responsibilities through caring for our employees, community and the environment.

Our Employee

Our Employees are the key to business success, we care about our employees’ career development and also their well-being. We provide a safe and healthy workplace and are committed to meet and exceed the best safety policy and practice.

  • Enable our employees perform excellence - provide training and sponsorship to our employees not only so that they can equip themselves for their current job, but also to have what it needs to take on future challenges and react to the changing environment.
  • Promote equal opportunities - ensure that all employees are treated with dignity and respect regardless of gender, age, disability, ethnicity and other forms of diversity.
  • Promote work-life balance – coordinate various recreational activities including Work-life Balance Week, health talks, health screening, massage sessions, day trip, BBQ night, leisure workshops and festive and seasonal celebration activities are organized.
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment – identify and control health and safety risks, comply with all applicable local legislations and regulations and provide safe equipment to perform their work properly.
Caring of Community

We are dedicated to assist people in need through engaging our employees and customers to take responsibilities to the community we are part of and promoting partnership between business and social service partners to have sustainable involvement in community investment to address social issues, activities include

  • Food donation – encourage our employees and customers donate foodstuffs and share these food through People’s Food Bank with the families in need.
  • Support local social enterprise - order tailor-made food gift-pack from a social enterprise which was established by St. James’ Settlement to promote and raise awareness of the employment of people with disabilities in Hong Kong by providing training and employment opportunities to them through business approach.
  • Visit the elders – visit elderly community centre to share the joy with the elders in the festive time.
  • Blood donation day – encourage our employees and customers giving help through blood donation activity in our office.
Environment Protection

We committed to minimize impacts on and protect our environment by encouraging our employees and customers to pursue green living and pay more attention to environmental protection through various activities and campaigns.

  • Participate worldwide climate change awareness campaign known as Earth Hour and World Water Day every year.
  • Coordinate environmental seminar – invite representative of Hong Kong Observatory to conduct climate change seminar to our employees and customers to understand the consequences and impacts of climate change.
  • Participate clean up coastline activities and promote green lifestyle.
  • Promote 4Rs of environmental protection – encourage Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace.
  • Promote clean transportation – encourage taking public transport to work and then reduce vehicle emissions to improve the air pollution.
  • Say NO to shark fin – use no shark fin menu for our annual dinner banquet.